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Veronica Skyward Pink

Veronica Skyward Pink features light pink spires of blossoms over a neat mound of foliage. These beautiful flowers appear over a long time in summer. A no-fuss perennial, with superior performance and flower quality. A great choice if you are looking for a pollinator-friendly, deer and rabbit-resistant perennial. A hummingbird and butterfly food source.

Use Skyward Pink in perennial beds, pollinator and cottage gardens. For a thrilling show of different flower shapes and textures, try planting it next to plants with round flowers, like Coneflowers, Daisies, or for an over-the-top display with the yellow Black-Eyed Susan or Sunstruck Perennial Sunflower. Use it for edging and mass planting. It prefers full sun, rich-moist soil, and adequate moisture. A superior, long-blooming, hardy, sun-loving perennial.

Plant in full sun to part shade in soil that has been amended with compost or other organic matter. It performs best in well-draining soil. For maximum flowering fertilize. Keep well watered when the plant is getting established, when the plant is setting up buds and blooming, and during dry spells. Shearing back spent flowers will encourage more blossoms.

Available in 1 quart pots

Veronica Skyward Pink