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Salvia Summer Jewel Pink

Simply the most beautiful thing the garden has ever seen, this unstoppable, super-quick Hummingbird Sage is out to transform your sunny annual bed and best containers into a haven for butterflies, bees, and hummers! The blush-pink blooms begin in late spring and don't think about quitting until early fall, so get your camera and vases ready!

Winner of a 2012 All America Selection award, Summer Jewel Pink is a dwarf annual sage with super-abundant ½-inch blooms of soft powder pink. Now, ½-inch may not sound like much, but multiply it by several hundred and you get the idea of what a fully blooming stand of only 3 to 5 plants is going to look like! And the flowers bounce right back from wind and rain (unlike older varieties of Hummingbird Sage, let us tell you!). Can't beat it with a stick!

These flowers crowd along slender but sturdy stems among fuzzy mid-green foliage, signaling hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies to come and feast. This plant is just 15 to 20 inches high in bloom and 10 to 15 inches wide, but it gets the job done -- lots of flowering stems, always heavily packed with soft pink pastel hues and usually a winged visitor or two, too!


Available as a 6 pack

Salvia Summer Jewel Pink

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