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Salpiglossis Bolero Mix (Painted Tongue)

Want beautiful blooms that offer a kaleidoscope of color and glossy, spectacular details? Well, you will surely love Salpiglossis! This plant produces flowers that posses flamboyant pigment shadings and vivid veins.

Salpiglossis (Salpiglossis sinuata) is often called, “painted tongue” and the reason why is quite obvious. It has many varieties that come in jewel tones of lilac, azure, purple, scarlet, rose, brown, orange, beige, yellow and gold. Other more unique varieties are netted/veined with rich, contrasting color. In a closer view, the overlaid veins and patterns resemble a stained glass.

Salpiglossis is a native of Chile, and thrives in areas with long periods of cool weather. In truth, it is not recommended for dry and hot regions. Salpiglossis plant reaches up to three feet tall in the garden. It makes a good cut flower or as container plants.

Clusters of Salpiglossis look wonderful for borders or as focal point for beds. However, surround their untidy feet with low -growing plants. If you want to showcase somewhat unusual and beautiful, Salpiglossis will make it work!

Bolero is a very popular variety and has huge flowers.


  • Mulching keeps the roots cooler for longer periods.
  • Provide continuous supply of moisture. However, do not overwater your Salpiglossis and make sure that the plants do not stand on wet soil for so long, or the roots will rot.
  • Pinch back the tips once the seedlings develop two or more true leaves. This will aid in promoting thicker and healthier plants.
  • Deadhead or pinch off spent blooms for optimum flowering.
  • Protect your Salpiglossis from strong winds. Here, you need to support the stems using thin sticks.
  • Feed the plants with 1/2 to 1/4 flower fertilizer twice a month. This will encourage more blooms.
  • Salpiglossis will not tolerate very hot weather. Dispose plants once they get ragged by summer heat.


Available as a 6 pack

Salpiglossis Bolero Mix (Painted Tongue)

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